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Legal documents to get married in Seychelles
The Civil Status Office has prepared the following checklist as a convenient reference guide so that couples can have all the requirements for organizing a civil wedding ceremony at their fingertips. It includes a list of documents required by the Civil Status Office from the couple as well as the contact details of some of the authoritative bodies. I hope that the information provided in this document will help you to prepare organizing your wedding in Seychelles. The information is subject to change without notice and should be re-confirmed with the relevant authorities.

Legal Requirements Document — Getting married in Seychelles

  1. A church wedding without a civil ceremony is not recognized as being legal and the parties must therefore contract a civil wedding prior to the religious ceremony.
  2. Persons wishing to organize their own wedding must apply to the Seychelles Civil Status Office in Victoria on Mahe for a civil ceremony and the relevant church body for the religious ceremony.
  3. It is advisable that the wedding is planned at least two months in advance to allow for the processing of documentation.
  4. Couples most advise the Civil Status Office of their wedding date at least eleven calendar days in advance. However, this eleven-day period may be exempted by applying for a Special License, normally issued within two days from the date of application at a charged fee.
  5. The couple must be present in Seychelles at least 2 days prior to the civil ceremony.
  6. Civil ceremonies may be conducted around the hotel property with permission from both the hotel and the Civil Registrar. Weddings outside the hotel property can only be performed in private and authorized places. The authorization needs to be obtained from the Civil Registrar.
  7. Weddings can also be performed in the Civil Status Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 0900hrs and 1100hrs, in the presence of two witnesses provided by the parties themselves.
  8. Couples wishing to marry outside the Civil Status Office will be required to pay a fee. This fee applies to ceremonies held on any weekday on Mahe or one of the Inner Islands. It should be noted that the Inner Islands include: Anonyme, Bird, Cerf, Cousine, Denis, Fregate, La Digue, Moyenne, North, Praslin, Round, Ste Anne, and Silhouette islands. The couple will be required to cover the transportation cost for the Registrar officer to travel to these islands. However, the Civil Status Office also has officers on both Praslin and La Digue.
  9. Couples wishing to marry on one of the Outer Islands, including Alphonse or Desroches, will be required to pay a different fee plus the transportation cost to these islands for the Registrar officer.
  10. A fee is charged for ceremonies held after 1700hrs on a weekday or at any time on a Saturday and Sunday.
  11. Legally conducted marriages in Seychelles are recognized under European laws.
  12. There are no nationality requirements that need to be fulfilled.
  13. A special stamp (apostille) is required to validate the marriage certificate obtained after the civil ceremony for all nationalities except for British nationals. This stamp is available at the Registrar’s office located at the Supreme Court for a fee of approximately 8 Euros.
  14. The couple must produce the following documents:
    . Birth certificate or certified copy thereof
    . If either party is divorced, the decree of divorce must be produced
    . If either of the parties is a widow or widower the death certificate of the former spouse must be produced
    . Legal proof in the case of a name having been changed
    . Copies of the first 2 pages of both parties’ valid passports
    . Document to show that there is no impediment or lawful hindrance to the intended marriage (If this cannot be obtained, an affidavit has to be signed in Seychelles after a solemn declaration has been made to that effect)
  15. All the above documents must be originals or copies duly certified before departure from one’s home country and must be translated into either English or French if the translation has not already been made.
  16. For details of the different fees mentioned please contact the Seychelles Civil Status Office directly.
  17. French law requires that French nationals wishing to get married abroad follow certain specific procedures. For information concerning these, contact either your local municipality or the Seychelles Civil Status Office or the French Embassy in Seychelles.

Seychelles Civil Status Office
PO Box 430, Victoria, Mahe
Tel: +248 4 29 36 13 /4 29 36 04
Fax: +248 4 32 10 46

French Embassy of Seychelles
1st Floor, La Ciotat Building
Mont Fleuri, Mahe
Tel: +248 4 38 25 00 Fax: +248 4 38 25 10

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