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To find a reliable wedding planner in Seychelles is not an easy task from abroad; but luckily, Seychelles is a small country, so every service provider is usually directly in contact with each other (exemple: a photographer would know a list of local hairdresser, any wedding planner will have a list of photographers…)

I believe most important are the memories you will keep from your special wedding day, and theses memories are usually reinforced over the years by what is left from your wedding day: your wedding photos or video.

So, I think most important is to seek for your wedding photographer first, once you have found a suitable photographer portfolio, contact the photographer and ask him to help you seek for a wedding planner in seychelles. By proceeding this way, you will get many benefits:

  • the photographer you like, will make availability for you, on your special date
  • he will check the tide, and recommend you a specific time for your ceremony
  • he can recommend you a few beach according to the wind direction and the tide
  • he will help you liaise with a reliable local wedding planner for all legal documents, posy bouquet and floral decoration for your wedding kiosk or set up.

You might even get a better price, as you would book directly wedding services that any home travel agent or seychelles tour operator would sub-contract for your wedding day.

All rights reserved 2019 © Laurent LEVY Seychelles wedding
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